My name is Junior D'haese.
Expert in Strategic & Visual Communication.
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Who I Am. Designer. Strategist. Philosopher. Husband & Father.

My name is Junior D'haese, a Kortrijk (Belgium) based expert in strategic & visual communication. I'm a graphic & web designer, all round business strategist, philosopher, husband and proud father of two sons.

Career. I'm the marketing and communication manager for a group of interior design-oriented firms. I take care of the external and internal communication and also provide sales support. Next to that I'm the inhouse graphic designer and I produce all the creative work for those companies. I'm involved in most of the business processes from concept to completion. I'm also part of the product development team, and I'm responsible for taking new and innovative products to the market.

Freelance. Next to my daytime job, I run my own business. I focus on design, business strategy and marketing communication. I'm unavailable for new projects. I'm taking a sabbatical to reposition myself in the business landscape.

Personality. I believe that skills can be taught, but personality is inherent. It defines how I approach and deal with issues, design choices I make, how I analyse and evaluate results, and how I communicate. Moreover, it determines my preferences, emotions, and behaviour patterns. I don’t find myself defined by the work I’ve done. I define myself by the work I want to do. I don’t care about getting awards or advancing status. I just want to keep learning, continue challenging myself, and do interesting things that matter. I’m the cumulation of many skills and talents. I’m wisdom, creativity, and experience. I’m not a collection of hours. I’ve stopped seeing myself as a per-hour commodity.

A never-ending mission to learn. Knowledge stands central in my life. I follow the news closely, have a wide range of interests and keep on top of things in the different areas of my expertise by constantly browsing the web and reading as much books as possible. My background is very diverse and my experiences range from various student jobs, the restaurant business and two college degrees in both new media technologies and communication management. My parents moved around a lot in my childhood, and this has given me a broad and unique insight into life and communication. I use this insight to polish, cultivate and adapt my skills, so that I can be on the cutting-edge of information sharing and become a better person in general. I'm also trying to write a book, mainly about design, technology, productivity, creativity, work methods and ethics. It's a work in progress and not due any time soon.

What I do. Design. Development. Marketing. Strategy.

Do you have a graphic identity? Do your print materials reflect who you are? Are you implementing a media strategy? Is your website effective? Can you be positioned as an expert in your field? Are you garnering the support you need? Do you stand out? Answering these questions and more are the keys to developing an effective strategy that helps you meet your goals. And that's where I come in!

Print Design

From logos and corporate identity, to brochures, publications, cards & banners, packaging and more, my graphic and print design services will make your business or organization look great and get your message across clearly and concisely.

Web Design

I create modern clean websites for small and medium businesses and organizations. Each of the sites are professional, affordable and easy to use with flexible designs for future development and stand out from the millions of websites on the internet today.

Web Development

I offer a variety of services to augment, develop, manage, and better maintain web material. From domain names & web hosting to site management and project development. I usually work with open source programs, such as Wordpress or Drupal.

Internet Marketing

I provide a comprehensive collection of tools and services to elevate your website to unprecedented success in all areas of Internet marketing. From SEO, SEA, analytics & reporting, to onpage optimization, content building and social media campaigns.

Strategic Marketing

I will take on, as needed, the creation, development, coordination, management and execution of the marketing plan, public and press relations and event planning and management, serving as a fully functional outsourced marketing department.

Market Research

My goal is to assist each client with their specific initiatives, whether it is the evaluation of a concept or message for a new brand, revealing the awareness of an existing brand, exploring options to reposition or extend a brand or identifying new market opportunities.

Corporate Strategy

A company must be worth more than just the sum of its parts.Together we create a compelling corporate vision and appropriate performance objectives, manage the portfolio, leverage a repeatable operating model and execute a balanced financial strategy.

Brand Strategy

My work focuses on brand management, including competitive positioning, and the impact that marketing mix and resource allocation have on sales and profits. I aim to cultivate a strong, trusted image and help build a larger, more loyal customer base.

Product Strategy

I aim to improve the development process and breaking down barriers to innovation and focus on addressing common problems: vague objectives with no link to customer needs, weak decisions, too many minor projects and resources spread too thinly.



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